1. Have fun! This is all about fun!

2. Hit when ready!

3. Tees
     a. Men will play from the Yellow tees on the Arcade side
     b. Women will play from the Green tees on the Arcade side
     c. Men will play from the Four Oaks tees on the MacKenzie side
     d. Women will play from the 1 Oak tees on the MacKenzie side
     e. Men, 65 and older may play forward 1 tee box

4. All shots off the green may be moved one club length no closer to the pin
     a. This includes the ability to remove your ball from hazards or Out of Bounds (OB)

5. Putts within the putter grip are considered “gimmies” and the player will include the “gimmie” in their score

6. OB shots will not be penalized distance. Player will drop their ball at the point of entry into OB and will incur a one stroke penalty

7. Lost balls will be dropped at the suspected location of landing and played with a stroke penalty. 

8. The maximum score you can receive is double the par for the hole.

9. You must play against your opponent, if present, to win points. 
     a. If you tee off before your scheduled time, and your opponent arrives, you will forfeit all points to your opponent provided they meet the scoring criteria

10. Three consecutive “No-shows” will result in removal from River City golf Club
     a. Acquiring a sub, or attempting to acquire a sub will not count as a “no-show”

11. The maximum allowable handicap is two stokes per hole

12. No Division Winner will be allowed to have more than 25% of their points from substitutions

13. League Fees must be paid by the completion of the third week
     a. If league fees are not paid by the completion of the third week subsequent matches will be considered forfeits until the fee is paid
          i. Once matches are forfeited, they will remain forfeited, and not re-instated after payment is received

14. Even though there is an online process, it is the responsibility of the player to secure a registered sub for their absences

15. Scoring/rules disputes will be settled by the players at the time of the dispute. If a settlement resolution cannot be met, play will continue, and a resolution will be determined after the round by the commissioner team.

16. Enter the score you shoot
      a. If there is a need to modify the hole’s par scoring will be modified afterwards


1. Scoring will be a handicapped combination of match and stroke play.
     a. Handicaps will the calculated by the lowest three of your last six rounds calculated weekly
     b. Two points will awarded for the winner of stroke play
     c. Two point will be awarded to the winner of match play
     d. If your opponent is not present, you must score within two strokes of your handicap in order to receive all four points.
          i. If you do not score within 2 of your handicap, you will be awarded two points for stroke play and the other two points will not be credited to either player

2. All players must submit their scorecard after electronically recording their scores at the conclusion of each round.
a. Scorecards not submitted may result in forfeited scores.